Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The baby was really just waiting until we had the nursery complete, which we did on Monday. Well, we're still missing the critical rocking chair, but the wall art is here and displayed, so it feels complete :-)

I ordered this from a company called Blik. They make vinyl stick-on wall graphics. I was a little apprehensive because of our textured walls, but they worked! Here are a couple pictures of both the process and the finished product.

They come in giant sheets, and then you peel them off and stick them on your wall, but this is an extra challenge when you have more than one color that you have to layer on top of each other. Here is Mike working on what was by far the most challenging piece. Basically, we put the color of the umbrellas up, and then had to get the lines and handles detailing to fit precisely on top. In one giant piece.

And the finished project. . .
These two pictures are on opposite sides of the nursery. The lettering was a gift from Mike's colleague, and fits perfectly with the images. Alone it would look like we were hyper-aggresive parents, but hopefully the image and the Dr. Seuss tie gives it the much more whimsical tact that was intended. I'm so happy with how this turned out! Mike's comment was, "It's very artsy." My sister-in-law's comment, who was here when it arrived but has not seen it put up yet was, "it looks like a project that will take lots of hands." Did I mention how much I love it? I haven't been so happy with a purchase in a long time.

Pictures of the changing table coming soon. I know you're waiting with bated breath!

You can come now, baby. Your room is ready!

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  1. How ironic that you chose a dandylion image. I'd seen them as vinyl decals too (sans umbrellas), and had considered working one onto a wall somewhere, with seven little seeds blowing out in to the world because I thought it was a fitting image of raising children and watching them "blow" out into the world where they will. Anyway, I like it.