Saturday, July 17, 2010

My garden

Not to obsess on the wonderful things Mike does for me, but last year my pathetic garden did not give us much to eat. Located under 2 pine trees and the neighbor's shade tree, the poor thing has been converted to a shade flower garden this year.

But behind the fence, next to the alley Mike built me a garden bed so I could try again. I put a full picture in another day, but this is my first harvest. 
 Compared to my parents' acres of garden, it's not much. But compared to last year's garden, when I got no more than 4 green beans at a time, it's huge! Next will be peas, and my tomatoes and squash are peaking up over the top of the fence already. Yes, I am a mighty urban gardener! Now if I can just figure out how to keep the urban woodland creatures from beating me to the harvest. Apparently they don't care for green beans, but the score on the strawberries this year is somewhere around 238 to 1.

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