Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best husband ever

Mike (and admittedly myself to a lesser extent) are a bit baffled at what we keep hearing from friend and family about how much work one baby is. It's just one baby, and they are supposed to sleep a ton, so what do you do all the time? I am a little more prone to believe every single friend who tells us the same thing, but Mike is suspicious that it just involves a little planning.

Take food, for example. Last week he suggested we make a bunch of extra food to put in the freezer, and have an order on hold with our local grocery delivery service. Luckily I found recipes and bought ingredients for freezer food. I was planning to make it one meal at a time in double batches and put half in the freezer, but on Monday he came home from work and said he was ready to cook!

I gave him the recipes and answered questions on where things were hidden in the kitchen. 5 hours later, we had a freezer full of multiple casseroles, mac and cheese, cinnamon roles, and he even made brownies in single serve sizes. When I commented on the brownies, he said, "You don't think I'd let you starve, do you?"
To wrap it all up, in spite of the new slice on his finger from the cheese grater, he even cleaned the kitchen up.

It's the little things he does that shows me how much he loves me, and this was pretty awesome.

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  1. That's awesome. The freezer food will definitely come in handy. It seems like the baby always wants to scream or eat around when it's time to cook dinner. I always think about making food in advance but by the time I think of doing it I'm way too pregnant to care. Lucky you to have Mike to do all the labor:)